Let out an “MHMMMMM” or a big ol’ “YUP” if you’ve ever felt like this…

  • Working at home day after day without *really* leaving the house seemed awesome in the beginning, but now feels a bit lonely.  
  • Going to a coffee shop or coworking space helps a little bit, but even with more background noise, you wish you had a few people to talk to and bounce ideas off of.  
  • Your friends eye’s gloss over when you start talking about what you’re really excited about… like your new welcome sequence or your latest sales funnel.  
  • When you tell your BFF or S.O. about your latest big idea they respond with a “that’s great…” but you really wish they would help you work out the kinks and dig into the nitty gritty with you.  
  • You have a biz bestie that you love, but you wish you had a few more people to both get help & encouragement from and be able to help as well.  

Girl, I get it.

That used to be me, when I was wishing that I had a solid group of #BOSS business ladies who “got it.”  

Being a (mostly online) business owner is WAY different than working a corporate job. It’s 100% normal when people don’t understand what you do on the daily...  

But that doesn’t make it less frustrating.  

When I finally got involved in a small mastermind, my world changed...  

After years of working alone, I immediately gained clarity that I desperately needed. The ah-HA! moments continued and every time we met together and the excitement I had for my business grew. 

The truth about masterminds is that they are surprisingly hard to find...

After all, you aren’t interested in simply meeting every week to small talk.

Another place to gripe about the ever-changing Instagram algorithms isn’t what you need. 

You mean business and you want a group of women who are serious about making sh*t happen...

So how the heck do you find one?!

Clearly you don’t want to simply stumble into one...

You want a mastermind that has a little more going for it than what you can find in a facebook group. 

Plus... wouldn’t it be great if you had an expert leading the way?

Welcome to the Maven Mastermind.

The Maven Mastermind is a 12-week mastermind aimed at helping you make major moves in your business.

Here's everything that's included:

Weekly Meetings: Meetings are on Tuesdays and will take place via Zoom meetings. They'll be 60-90 minutes full of coaching & collaboration. You’ll also get access to the video replays every week.  

Hot Seat: You’ll get 2 turns in the hot seat during the 12-week mastermind - this is where you’ll be in the spotlight with all the focus on you and your business.  

Q&A Sessions: Bi-weekly and open format Q&A via Facebook Live videos. Think of this as your all-access pass to get addional support and coaching. The video replays will live in the private Facebook group.  

Private Facebook Group: The hub for all Maven Mastermind members and Q&A sessions... helping you stay connected and get the accountability you crave!  


Masterclasses, workbooks, and action-taking worksheets are just a few of the bonuses you can expect.

  Pssst… keep reading to discover more about these bonuses!  

When does this party start?! 

The 12 weeks of the Maven Mastermind will kick off the first week of December and take you through the last full week of February.

If you're looking at your calendar, the first meeting will be on December 5th and the last meeting will be February 20th.

That’s right, we’ll be with you through the first two months of 2018… making sure you start off the new year with momentum. 

The Maven Mastermind is everything you’ve been looking for… and more!

I'm pretty sure we know each other from the internet, but if not...

That’s me, Liz White!  

I’ll be your Maven Mastermind Moderator and Coach. As an intuitive business strategist, I help you build profitable business plans, strategies, and systems.  

After starting my first business, Linea Mae, I saw the incredible need to help women just like you with these core business building blocks.  

With my background in branding and marketing, I’m able to transform strategy from stuffy and complex to conveniently simple.  

I’m also the co-founder of Radiant CEO, which hosts a virtual summit aimed at helping you scale your business and master your mindset.  

If you can’t tell, I’m all about whipping your business into shape by turning your chaos into dollar signs. 

Here are some fun tidbits about me...

  • I’ve been working with business owners for 7 years and have coached over 30 women in the past 8 months alone.  
  • My super power is being able to see crystal clear remedies for what drives you crazy and put them into easy to follow action steps.  
  • I’m an extroverted introvert. I can easily speak to a large audience but need my alone time to recharge!  
  • I’ve worked with women all over the globe, taking my business international - so fancy!  
  • I prefer working in silence or listening to a song on repeat over listening to a playlist.
  • I will demolish a bag of BBQ chips in one sitting… and not the “snack size.” 

Now about those bonus Masterclasses...

Your Business Strategy, Simplified Month 1 Masterclass 

Whether you have a solid business strategy in place or you’re in desperate need of a tune-up, I’ll be teaching you a beyond simple method to get your business in check. Starting with your core business pillars, we’ll dive in to make sure that your offers (and strategy to sell those offers) are all in alignment with your overall business plan. I’m breaking everything down for you so that you’re on track for profitable success, instead of feeling like everything is a guessing game.  

2018 Planning Party Month 2 Masterclass 

Let’s plan for an incredibly profitable 2018, shall we? This planning party will help break down your income goals into actions. By breaking the year down into quarters and planning out your Q1, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to reach your goals. It’s time to take your monthly planning from scribbled to-do lists to expertly managed projects. + Mini planning workbook + worksheets

Systems + Automation = Business Bliss Month 3 Masterclass 

Want to know the secret to getting more done in less time? Maximizing your systems and then automating them. I know you have business systems already in place (even if you don’t think you do). I’ll show you how to streamline your systems AND bring in automation where you can… all to add more freedom to your day-to-day.

Phew, is that amazing or what?!

You’re going to love these masterclasses and I can’t wait to see how you’ll take what you’ll be learning from them and use them in your own business.  

Have a few more Q’s? I’ve got you covered.


How big is the mastermind? Your mastermind group consists of 6 women. This ensures that you get an incredible small group experience to build solid relationships AND so that you get two meetings during the 12-week period to be in the hotseat.

When are the meetings? The mastermind meetings will be held on Tuesdays at 1pm EST (12pm CST).

How long are the mastermind meetings? The mastermind meetings will be between 60-90 minutes long. 

What does a mastermind meeting look like? We’ll start off the mastermind meeting by taking 25 minutes to check in with everyone in the group. Then we’ll move into the hot-seat time period where we’ll focus on one person.  

What’s a hot seat? The hot seat is when you’re the focus of the mastermind meeting. When you’re in the hot seat, you’ll get both coaching from me and feedback from the other members as you need it.  

How can I prepare for my hotseat? First, be selfish. This time is for you and your business. Second, Have questions prepared ahead of time and know what you want to talk about. The hot seat is your time to get exactly what you need in order to help you wherever you are in your business.  

When are the Q&A sessions? The Q&A sessions will be bi-weekly and on Wednesdays at 1pm EST (12pm CST).  

How do the Q&A sessions work? The Q&A sessions will take place via live video in the private facebook group. These sessions will be open format so that you can get help/input with anything that might not have been covered during the weekly meetings. They’re perfect for when you weren’t in the hot seat but need feedback. You can either send your Q’s ahead of time or show up live and ask in the comments.  

What’s the private Facebook group for? The private facebook group will include all Maven Mastermind members and will be the hub for every Q&A session as well as bonus guest experts videos. The private facebook group will also be the place for you to check in and keep each other accountable during the 12 weeks. There will be plenty of prompts and check ins to help you along.  

What if I can’t show up to a meeting? It’s understandable if you need to miss a meeting due to illness or travel. By joining the Maven Mastermind you agree to participate fully in the 12-week program. Not showing up to regularly to meetings is a disservice to you and the other women in your group.

When are the bonus masterclasses? The 3 bonus masterclass dates are TBD.  

How do the masterclasses work? The masterclasses will take place through a Zoom video conference meeting. Tickets to the masterclasses will be open to the public but as a member of the Maven Mastermind, you will get complimentary access. There will be a video replay for the masterclass if you are unable to attend live.  


Ready to join the Maven Mastermind? Let’s do this!

Choose your own adventure, investment style...


upfront payment of $1497*


monthly payments of $499


bi-weekly payments of $267

Take it to the next level with private sessions

3 monthly strategy sessions (1 a month) for only $597 Maven Mastermind Mega Savings - Save over $290! 

*Upfront, pay in full bonus = 30 minute clarity consultation with me ($97 value)

The Maven Mastermind is carefully curated to ensure that you’ll get the absolute MOST out of your 12 weeks. Spaces will fill quickly and once they’re full the mastermind will be closed until 2018.