Painlessly Paid Workshop

What if I told you it was possible to get paid in full before you even completed a project?

Do you wish that getting clients to pay you made you feel like this...

But sometimes it feels more like this?

Dramatic? Maybe.

But that's exactly how it can feel in your business when you...

  • Hate talking about money with clients because it stresses you out and makes you annoyingly nervous.  
  • Have to nag your current clients for late payments - while feeling almost guilty about it!  
  • Find your clients adding more and more items to your to-do list without adding $$ to the budget. 

Sound familiar? Well keep reading—because in less time than your latest Netflix binge, you can get a clear, streamlined process for getting paid.

Dealing with these kinds of things drive you b-a-n-a-n-a-s.


Plot twist: you're in control and you can turn getting paid into a painless process.  

The Painlessly Paid workshop takes the guess work out of getting paid on time, every time for ALL the work you do.

Liz’s workshop was a perfect blend of business strategy and money mindset. She shared helpful tips that are applicable to any service based business. I spent the entire workshop jotting down notes on new terms and policies I’ll be implementing. Thanks to Painlessly Paid, I feel more confident in my business and the ways in which I’m paid for the work I do. Thanks Liz!

During the Painlessly Paid workshop, you'll learn how to:

Audit your current processes

  • Discover the root cause of your biggest money pains.  

Clarify your boundaries + expectations

  • Discover exactly how to set boundaries that both protect you and attract the RIGHT clients.  

Simplify your strategies + systems

  • Learn the 3-step system to take your client from ready to book to booked—getting you paid right away.
  • Simple, profitable payment plans that eliminate late payments for completed projects.  

Sticky situation solutions

  • Know exactly what to do when facing: • Scope creep - minor or major • Refund requests • Project Cancelations • Dealing with larger company payment schedules 

Your host, me! Liz White

Intuitive business strategist and coach.

The workshop includes:

  • 2 hour video training
  • Worksheets
  • Links + discounts for resources mentioned

The Painlessly Paid workshop takes all of Liz's best advice and wraps it up into a complete, step-by-step reality check for people who don’t know where to begin when it comes to attracting the ideal client (or managing the less than ideal ones). This workshop made me feel empowered to implement systems that support my best interests both mentally and financially.

You can't afford to miss this... 

Plain and simple. 

In less time than your latest Target run, you'll get a clear, streamlined process for getting paid.  

Get paid, painlessly.